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The Story of Leo (By Lori - Leo's Mom):
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We'd like to tell everyone a little bit about Leo & how special he was. I (Lori) stopped by a pet adoption in San Luis Obispo in 1990 & saw Leo and instantly fell in love. I brought him home & we instantly bonded. He is 1/2 Lab & 1/2 Chow & couldn't have been a sweeter dog with a bit of a feisty side. He became my best friend - going on errands, hikes, beach outings - whatever was on the agenda for the day. He had this uncanny knack for knowing my moods - he would come over & lick me when I was sad & come over & cuddle when I was lazy. And of course play whenever he got the chance. We moved to the Bay Area where we met Utah & Rob of course (Leo was about six). Utah & Leo became brothers (I guess that would be step brothers) when Rob & I got married.

But Rob loved him as much as I did & we instantly became a family. We opened the first store in April of 1999 when Leo was about 8 years old. Both he & Utah became our mascots & of course Leo started writing the newsletter. In Summer of 2003 we moved the store & the dogs to Tahoe (to retire of course). Leo had never seen snow before & absolutely loved it. It brought out the puppy in him even though he was now 13 (see picture below). We also were able to bring him to the store because with age he became a little less feisty. So his last year he spent about 1-2 days in the store - any more and he would get really tired. Greeting customers, human & canine alike, would wear the poor old guy out.

A Story About Leo (by Robert - Leo's Dad)

When I met Leo he was around six years old, although you would think he was much younger. When Lori and I would take the dogs for a hike Leo would run off to track down whatever smell he locked onto. On our first trip to Lake Tahoe with the dogs we hiked to a small remote lake. When I decided to take a swim to cool off Leo followed, and continued after a flock of ducks. While Leo was a great swimmer, he was no duck, and the ducks swam in circles in the middle of the lake while Leo trailed behind. Leo was more than just a dog or a pet. He was, and still is a part of our family. He and Utah will always be our mascots for Tails by the Lake.

Leo's Nicknames: Leoooooss, Leosauras, Leo the Lion Dog, Little Leo, Fluffernutter, Adventure Dog & finally Old Dog.

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